Neville Brant - Artist blacksmith in The Ribble Valley, Lancashire

Apart from the obvious, in short, we are here to provide a professional service to both Commercial and Private sectors. Specialising in forge work, fabrication, manufacture of components in most types of metal/alloys. Design and manufacture of special purpose machinery. Sculptures, quality fittings and ornaments of purpose, for both home and workplace. 

Future Plans

We are in the process of starting to make available the option to purchase our goods online. At the moment the general idea is items such as fire companion sets, maybe weather vanes, and curtain rails with a selection for size and decoration (end design), be available through a shopping cart option. Any ideas that you may like to share will be appreciated, thank you.  

R & D

Usually a bit of fun 

Occasionally we are asked to come up with a solution, or give ideas on how things maybe achieved. Usually to do with light machinery. Or personal projects we have an active interest in, such as making special purpose tooling etc. There are a few projects coming up.

Designs & Drawings

Designs can often take many hours, unless we have a definite idea of what we want to achieve. For those who are interested, we will continuously update the following page, as ideas become available. Many of the designs are not our own, just there to help make decisions as to what styles we prefer when considering how to go about a new project.

The work of a blacksmith

Well, I really don't know where to begin! I suppose in essence it is the ability to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, figuratively speaking. In years gone by the blacksmith used to be quite central to the local community, also performing duties such as marriage. But like everything else things have changed, probably for the better, there would not be much time for work, now that such things are on the increase!

Anyway I suppose from my point of view, we are a likeable bunch that are enthusiastic about our work and endeavour to help to the best of our ability.

Neville Brant - Artist Blacksmith

The forge is located in Samlesbury, Lancashire.
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