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Neville Brant - Artist Blacksmith

Rams Head, forged from 16mm round bar. Most blacksmiths have their own style for rams heads etc, this just happens to be how I usually do them, a sort of Celtic stylised version.

A stool, We were given the seat, and asked to create a stool out of it. For someone who has a passion for period farm machinery.

Period Kitchen fire. For a local Hall.

Hand forged fire. Approximately 600mm wide by 350mm deep.

Plain fire surround.

Here we were given a bell and asked to make a bracket, so that it could be used as a front door bell.

Fire Iron set. One of the many styles that we make.

Floor standing candle holder, approximately 4 feet tall.

Weather vane, in keeping with the history of the area.

A couple of stylised fabricated rams heads. For a friend who is going to use them in sculptures abroad.

Neville Brant - Artist Blacksmith

The forge is located in Samlesbury, Lancashire.
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